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Jacques & Jerry Cafe Degas

When French painter Jacques Soulas and business partner Jerry Edgar created the now iconic Faubourg St. John bistro in 1986, no one could have imagined that over 35 years later, this small, mostly outdoor cafe would stand as the longest running French Bistro in New Orleans amassing countless awards and accolades.

Named after the 19th-century French Impressionist Edgar Degas, who once lived further down the same oak-lined avenue, Café Degas is known as one of the most intimately romantic places in the city. Offering classic French cuisine with a creative touch of Creole, and a regularly handpicked selection of the best wines. You might think such an establishment would be better suited for the starchy old buildings of the French Quarter, but think again, this is casual dining for families, friends, and lovers.

Cafe Degas Co-owners Jacques and Jerry
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